The Correct spelling is: zoologist

Common misspellings of the word zoologist are:

How do you spell zoologist?. It is not

  • n., pl. -gies.
    1. The branch of biology that deals with animals and animal life, including the study of the structure, physiology, development, and classification of animals.
    2. The animal life of a particular area or period: the zoology of Alaska; the zoology of the Pleistocene.
    3. The characteristics of a particular animal group or category: the zoology of mammals.
    4. A book or scholarly work on zoology.
    zoologist zo·ol'o·gist n.

    USAGE NOTE   Traditionally, the first syllable of zoology has been pronounced as (ō), rhyming with toe. However, most likely due to the familiarity of the word zoo (which is merely a shortened form of zoological garden), the pronunciation of the first syllable as (Å«) is also commonly heard. In 1999, 88 percent of the Panelists found the (zō-) pronunciation acceptable, and 60 percent found the (zÅ«-) pronunciation acceptable, with 68 percent using the (zō-) pronunciation and 32 percent using the (zÅ«-) pronunciation in their own speech. Thus, while both pronunciations can be considered acceptable, the (zō-) pronunciation may be perceived as more correct.

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