The Correct spelling is: woman

Common misspellings of the word woman are:

How do you spell woman?. It is not

  • n., pl. wom·en (wÄ­m'Ä­n).
    1. An adult female human.
    2. Women considered as a group; womankind: “Woman feels the invidious distinctions of sex exactly as the black man does those of color” (Elizabeth Cady Stanton).
    3. An adult female human belonging to a specified occupation, group, nationality, or other category. Often used in combination: an Englishwoman; congresswoman; a saleswoman.
    4. Feminine quality or aspect; womanliness.
    5. A female servant or subordinate.
    6. Informal.
      1. A wife.
      2. A female lover or sweetheart. See Usage Note at lady, man, person.

    (one's) own woman

    1. Independent in judgment or action: She has always been her own woman.
    to a woman
    1. Without exception.

    [Middle English, from Old English wimman, variant of wīfman : wīf, woman + man, person; see man.]

    womanless wom'an·less adj.

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