The Correct spelling is: volunteered

Common misspellings of the word volunteered are:

How do you spell volunteered?. It is not volonteered or even volounteered for that matter!

  • n.
    1. A person who performs or offers to perform a service voluntarily: an information booth staffed by volunteers; hospital volunteers.
    2. Law.
      1. A person who renders aid, performs a service, or assumes an obligation voluntarily.
      2. A person who holds property under a deed made without consideration.
    3. Botany. A cultivated plant growing from self-sown or accidentally dropped seed.
    1. Being, consisting of, or done by volunteers: volunteer firefighters; volunteer tutoring.
    2. Botany. Growing from self-sown or accidentally dropped seed. Used of a cultivated plant or crop.

    v., -teered, -teer·ing, -teers.


    To give or offer to give voluntarily: volunteered their services; volunteer to give blood.

    1. To perform or offer to perform a service of one's own free will.
    2. To do charitable or helpful work without pay: Many retirees volunteer in community service and day care centers.

    [Obsolete French voluntaire, from Old French, voluntary, from Latin voluntārius. See voluntary.]

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