The Correct spelling is: volume

Common misspellings of the word volume are:

How do you spell volume?. It is not volumne

  • n.
      1. A collection of written or printed sheets bound together; a book.
      2. One of the books of a work printed and bound in more than one book.
      3. A series of issues of a periodical, usually covering one calendar year.
      4. A unit of written material assembled together and cataloged in a library.
    1. A roll of parchment; a scroll.
    2. (Abbr. V)
      1. The amount of space occupied by a three-dimensional object or region of space, expressed in cubic units.
      2. The capacity of such a region or of a specified container, expressed in cubic units.
      1. Amount; quantity: a low volume of business; a considerable volume of lumber.
      2. A large amount. Often used in the plural: volumes of praise.
      1. The amplitude or loudness of a sound.
      2. A control, as on a radio, for adjusting amplitude or loudness.

    [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin volūmen, roll of writing, from volvere, to roll.]

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