The Correct spelling is: trash

Common misspellings of the word trash are:

How do you spell trash?. It is not

  • n.
      1. Worthless or discarded material or objects; refuse or rubbish.
      2. Something broken off or removed to be discarded, especially plant trimmings.
      3. The refuse of sugar cane after extraction of the juice.
    1. A place or receptacle where rubbish is discarded: threw the wrapper in the trash.
      1. Empty words or ideas.
      2. Worthless or offensive literary or artistic material.
      3. Disparaging, often abusive speech about a person or group.
    2. A person or group of people regarded as worthless or contemptible.
    tr.v., trashed, trash·ing, trash·es.
    1. Slang.
      1. To throw away; discard: trashed the broken toaster.
      2. To wreck or destroy by or as if by vandalism; reduce to trash or ruins.
      3. To beat up; assault.
      4. To subject to scathing criticism or abuse; attack verbally: “The … professor trashes conservative … proposals as well as liberal nostrums” (Michael Marien).
      1. To remove twigs or branches from.
      2. To cut off the outer leaves of (growing sugar cane).

    [Probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Norwegian dialectal trask.]

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