The Correct spelling is: thoughts

Common misspellings of the word thoughts are:

How do you spell thoughts?. It is not

  • v.

    Past tense and past participle of think.

    1. The act or process of thinking; cogitation.
    2. A product of thinking. See synonyms at idea.
    3. The faculty of thinking or reasoning.
    4. The intellectual activity or production of a particular time or group: ancient Greek thought; deconstructionist thought.
    5. Consideration; attention: didn't give much thought to what she said.
      1. Intention; purpose: There was no thought of coming home early.
      2. Expectation or conception: She had no thought that anything was wrong.

    a thought

    1. To a small degree; somewhat: You could be a thought more considerate.

    [Middle English, from Old English gethōht, thōht.]

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