The Correct spelling is: surrounded

Common misspellings of the word surrounded are:

How do you spell surrounded?. It is not surounded or surronded or even surrouded for that matter!

  • tr.v., -round·ed, -round·ing, -rounds.
    1. To extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle.
    2. To enclose or confine on all sides so as to bar escape or outside communication.
    1. Something, such as fencing or a border, that surrounds: a fireplace surround.
      1. The area around a thing or place: inflammation extending to the surround of the eye.
      2. Surroundings; environment: “It was the country, the flat agricultural surround, that so ravished me” (Listener).
    2. A method of hunting wild animals by surrounding them and driving them to a place from which they cannot escape.

    [Middle English surrounden, to inundate, from Old French suronder, from Late Latin superundāre : Latin super-, super- + Latin undāre, to rise in waves (from unda, wave).]

    SYNONYMS  surround, circle, compass, encircle, encompass, environ, gird, girdle, ring. These verbs mean to lie around and bound on all sides: Suburbs surround the city. A crown circled the king's head. Fog compassed the mountain peak. A belt encircled her waist. A lake encompassed the island. The desert environed the oases. A deep moat girds the castle. Flower gardens girdled the bird bath. Guests ringed the coffee table.

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