The Correct spelling is: surface

Common misspellings of the word surface are:

How do you spell surface?. It is not surfce

  • n.
      1. The outer or the topmost boundary of an object.
      2. A material layer constituting such a boundary.
    1. Mathematics.
      1. The boundary of a three-dimensional figure.
      2. The two-dimensional locus of points located in three-dimensional space.
      3. A portion of space having length and breadth but no thickness.
    2. The superficial or external aspect: “a flamboyant, powerful confidence man who lives entirely on the surface of experience” (Frank Conroy).
    3. An airfoil.
    1. Relating to, on, or at a surface: surface algae in the water.
    2. Relating to or occurring on or near the surface of the earth.
      1. Superficial.
      2. Apparent as opposed to real.

    v., -faced, -fac·ing, -fac·es.

    To provide with a surface or apply a surface to: surface a table with walnut; surface a road with asphalt.

    1. To rise to the surface.
    2. To emerge after concealment.
    3. To work or dig a mine at or near the surface of the ground.

    on the surface

    1. To all intents and purposes; to all outward appearances: a soldier who, on the surface, appeared brave and patriotic.

    [French : sur-, above (from Old French; see sur–) + face, face (from Old French; see face).]

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