The Correct spelling is: supposedly

Common misspellings of the word supposedly are:

How do you spell supposedly?. It is not suposedly or even supposingly for that matter!

  • adj.
    1. Presumed to be true or real without conclusive evidence.
    2. Intended: medication that is supposed to relieve pain.
      1. Required: He is supposed to go to the store.
      2. Permitted: We are not supposed to smoke here.
      3. Firmly believed; expected: You're supposed to be my friend.
    supposedly sup·pos'ed·ly (-pō'zĭd-lē) adv.

    SYNONYMS  supposed, conjectural, hypothetical, putative, reputed, suppositious, supposititious. These adjectives mean put forth or accepted as being true on inconclusive grounds: the supposed cause of inflation; conjectural criticism; the hypothetical site of a lost culture; a foundling's putative father; the reputed author of the article; suppositious reconstructions of dead languages; supposititious hypotheses.
    ANTONYM  certain

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