The Correct spelling is: staple

Common misspellings of the word staple are:

How do you spell staple?. It is not

  • n.
    1. A principal raw material or commodity grown or produced in a region.
    2. A major item of trade in steady demand.
    3. A basic dietary item, such as flour, rice, or corn.
    4. A basic or principal element or feature.
    5. The fiber of cotton, wool, or flax, graded as to length and fineness.
    1. Produced or stocked in large quantities to meet steady demand: Wheat is a staple crop.
    2. Principal; main: a staple topic of conversation.
    tr.v., -pled, -pling, -ples.

    To grade (fibers) according to length and fineness.

    [Middle English, official market for purchase of export goods, from Anglo-Norman estaple, perhaps from Middle Dutch stāpel, heap, emporium.]

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