The Correct spelling is: sergeant

Common misspellings of the word sergeant are:

How do you spell sergeant?. It is not ergeant or esrgeant or sargant or sargeant or segeant or segreant or sereant or seregant or sergaent or sergant or sergean or sergeat or sergeatn or sergenat or sergent or sregeant or even srgeant for that matter!

  • n.
      1. (Abbr. SGT or Sgt or Sgt.) A noncommissioned rank in the U.S. Army or Marine Corps that is above corporal and below staff sergeant.
      2. Any of several ranks of noncommissioned officers in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps: master gunnery sergeant; staff sergeant.
      3. One who holds any of these ranks.
      1. (Abbr. Sgt.) The rank of police officer next below a captain, lieutenant, or inspector.
      2. A police officer holding this rank.
    1. A sergeant at arms.

    [Middle English sergeaunte, a common soldier, from Old French sergent, from Medieval Latin serviēns, servient-, servant, soldier, from Late Latin, public official, from Latin, present participle of servīre, to serve, from servus, slave.]

    sergeancy ser'gean·cy or ser'geant·ship' n.

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