The Correct spelling is: relevant

Common misspellings of the word relevant are:

How do you spell relevant?. It is not elevant or erlevant or reelvant or reevant or releant or releavnt or relevan or relevat or relevatn or relevent or relevnat or relevnt or relvant or relveant or rleevant or even rlevant for that matter!

  • adj.

    Having a bearing on or connection with the matter at hand.

    [Medieval Latin relevāns, relevant-, from Latin, present participle of relevāre, to relieve, raise up. See relieve.]

    relevantly rel'e·vant·ly adv.

    SYNONYMS  relevant, pertinent, germane, material, apposite, apropos. These adjectives describe what relates to and has a direct bearing on the matter at hand. Something relevant is connected with a subject or issue: performed experiments relevant to her research. Pertinent suggests a logical, precise relevance: assigned pertinent articles for the class to read. Germane implies close kinship and appropriateness: “He asks questions that are germane and central to the issue” (Marlin Fitzwater). Something material is not only relevant but also crucial to a matter: reiterated the material facts of the lawsuit. Apposite implies a striking appropriateness and pertinence: used apposite verbal images in the paper. Something apropos is both to the point and opportune: an apropos comment that concisely answered my question.

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