The Correct spelling is: progress

Common misspellings of the word progress are:

How do you spell progress?. It is not

  • n.
    1. Movement, as toward a goal; advance.
    2. Development or growth: students who show progress.
    3. Steady improvement, as of a society or civilization: a believer in human progress. See synonyms at development.
    4. A ceremonial journey made by a sovereign through his or her realm.
    intr.v. pro·gress (prə-grĕs'), -gressed, -gress·ing, -gress·es.
    1. To advance; proceed: Work on the new building progressed at a rapid rate.
    2. To advance toward a higher or better stage; improve steadily: as medical technology progresses.
    3. To increase in scope or severity, as a disease taking an unfavorable course.

    in progress

    1. Going on; under way: a work in progress.

    [Middle English progresse, from Latin prōgressus, from past participle of prōgredī, to advance : prō-, forward; see pro–1 + gradī, to go, walk.]

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