The Correct spelling is: poignant

Common misspellings of the word poignant are:

How do you spell poignant?. It is not

  • adj.
      1. Profoundly moving; touching: a poignant memory. See synonyms at moving.
      2. Physically painful: “Keen, poignant agonies seemed to shoot from his neck downward” (Ambrose Bierce).
      3. Keenly distressing to the mind or feelings: poignant anxiety.
    1. Piercing; incisive: poignant criticism.
      1. Neat, skillful, and to the point: poignant illustrations supplementing the text.
      2. Astute and pertinent; relevant: poignant suggestions.
    2. Agreeably intense or stimulating: poignant delight.
    3. Archaic.
      1. Sharp or sour to the taste; piquant.
      2. Sharp or pungent to the smell.

    [Middle English poinaunt, from Old French poignant, present participle of poindre, to prick, from Latin pungere.]

    poignance poign'ance or poign'an·cy n.
    poignantly poign'ant·ly adv.

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