The Correct spelling is: plain

Common misspellings of the word plain are:

How do you spell plain?. It is not

  • adj., plain·er, plain·est.
    1. Free from obstructions; open; clear: in plain view.
    2. Obvious to the mind; evident: make one's intention plain. See synonyms at apparent.
    3. Not elaborate or complicated; simple: plain food.
    4. Straightforward; frank or candid: plain talk.
    5. Not mixed with other substances; pure: plain water.
    6. Common in rank or station; average; ordinary: a plain man.
    7. Not pretentious; unaffected.
    8. Marked by little or no ornamentation or decoration.
    9. Not dyed, twilled, or patterned: a plain fabric.
    10. Lacking beauty or distinction: a plain face.
    11. Sheer; utter; unqualified: plain stupidity.
    12. Archaic. Having no visible elevation or depression; flat; level.
      1. An extensive, level, usually treeless area of land.
      2. A broad level expanse, as a part of the sea floor or a lunar mare.
    1. Something free of ornamentation or extraneous matter.
    adv. Informal.

    Clearly; simply: plain stubborn.

    [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin plānus.]

    plainly plain'ly adv.
    plainness plain'ness n.

    SYNONYMS  plain, modest, simple, unostentatious, unpretentious. These adjectives mean not ornate, ostentatious, or showy: a plain hairstyle; a modest cottage; a simple dark suit; an unostentatious office; an unpretentious country church.
    ANTONYM  ornate

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