The Correct spelling is: officially

Common misspellings of the word officially are:

How do you spell officially?. It is not offcially or offically or officaly or even officialy for that matter!

  • adj.
    1. Of or relating to an office or a post of authority: official duties.
    2. Authorized by a proper authority; authoritative: official permission.
    3. Holding office or serving in a public capacity: an official representative.
    4. Characteristic of or befitting a person of authority; formal: an official banquet.
    5. Authorized by or contained in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia or National Formulary. Used of drugs.
    1. One who holds an office or position, especially one who acts in a subordinate capacity for an institution such as a corporation or governmental agency.
    2. Sports. A referee or umpire.

    [From Middle English, ecclesiastical officer, from Old French, from Latin officiālis, an attendant of an office, from officium, duty, service. See office.]

    officialdom of·fi'cial·dom n.
    officially of·fi'cial·ly adv.

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