The Correct spelling is: nickel

Common misspellings of the word nickel are:

How do you spell nickel?. It is not nickle

  • n.
    1. (Symbol Ni) A silvery, hard, ductile, ferromagnetic metallic element used in alloys, in corrosion-resistant surfaces and batteries, and for electroplating. Atomic number 28; atomic weight 58.69; melting point 1,453°C; boiling point 2,732°C; specific gravity 8.902; valence 0, 1, 2, 3.
    2. A U.S. coin worth five cents, made of a nickel and copper alloy.
    3. Slang. A nickel bag.
    tr.v., -eled or -elled, -el·ing or -el·ling, -els or -els.

    To coat with nickel.

    [Swedish, short for kopparnickel, niccolite, partial translation of German Kupfernickel : Kupfer, copper + Nickel, demon, rascal, from the deceptive copper color of the ore (from the name Nikolaus, Nicholas).]

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