The Correct spelling is: near

Common misspellings of the word near are:

How do you spell near?. It is not

  • adv., near·er, near·est.
    1. To, at, or within a short distance or interval in space or time.
    2. Just about; almost; nearly: was near exhausted from the labor; near dead after the assault.
    3. With or in a close relationship.
    adj., nearer, nearest.
    1. Close in time, space, position, or degree: near equals.
    2. Closely related by kinship or association; intimate: a near relative; a near and dear friend. See synonyms at close.
      1. Nearly occurring but not actually happening: a near victory; a near disaster.
      2. Just barely avoided: a near hit by the incendiary bomb.
      1. Closely corresponding to or resembling an original: a near likeness.
      2. Closely resembling the genuine article: a dress of near satin; near silver beads.
      1. Closer of two or more: Take the near street and then turn right.
      2. Being on the left side of an animal or a vehicle.
      3. Being the animal or vehicle on the left.
    3. Short and direct: the nearest route to town.
    4. Stingy; parsimonious.

    Close to: an inn near London.

    v., neared, near·ing, nears.

    To come close or closer to.


    To draw near or nearer; approach.

    [Middle English ner, from Old English nēar, from comparative of nēah, close, near.]

    nearness near'ness n.

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