The Correct spelling is: naked

Common misspellings of the word naked are:

How do you spell naked?. It is not

  • adj.
    1. Having no clothing on the body; nude.
    2. Having no covering, especially the usual one: a naked sword.
    3. Devoid of vegetation, trees, or foliage: the naked ground; naked tree limbs.
    4. Being without addition, concealment, disguise, or embellishment: the naked facts; naked ambition.
    5. Devoid of a specified quality, characteristic, or element: a look that was naked of all pretense.
    6. Exposed to harm; vulnerable: “naked to mine enemies” (Shakespeare).
    7. Botany.
      1. Not encased in ovaries: naked seeds.
      2. Unprotected by scales: naked buds.
      3. Lacking a perianth: naked flowers.
      4. Without leaves or pubescence: naked stalks.
    8. Zoology. Lacking outer covering such as scales, fur, feathers, or a shell.

    [Middle English, from Old English nacod.]

    nakedly na'ked·ly adv.
    nakedness na'ked·ness n.

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