The Correct spelling is: myself

Common misspellings of the word myself are:

How do you spell myself?. It is not mysef

  • pron.
    1. That one identical with me.
      1. Used reflexively as the direct or indirect object of a verb or as the object of a preposition: I bought myself a new car.
      2. Used for emphasis: I myself was certain of the facts.
      3. Used in an absolute construction: In office myself, I helped her get a job.
    2. My normal or healthy condition or state: I'm feeling myself again.

    [Middle English mi-self, from Old English mē selfum, mē selfne : mē, me + selfum, selfne, dative and accusative of self, self; see self.]

    USAGE NOTE   The –self pronouns, such as myself, yourselves, and herself, are sometimes used as emphatic substitutes for personal pronouns, as in Like yourself, I have no apologies to make. The practice is particularly common in compound phrases: Ms. Evans or yourself will have to pick them up at the airport. Although these usages have been common in the writing of reputable authors for several centuries, they may sound overwrought. A large majority of the Usage Panel disapproves of the use of –self pronouns when they do not refer to the subject of the sentence. Seventy-three percent reject the sentence He was an enthusiastic fisherman like myself. Sixty-seven percent object to The letters were written entirely by myself. The Panel is even less tolerant of compound usages. Eighty-eight percent find this sentence unacceptable: The boss asked John and myself to give a brief presentation.

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