The Correct spelling is: monument

Common misspellings of the word monument are:

How do you spell monument?. It is not

  • n.
    1. A structure, such as a building or sculpture, erected as a memorial.
    2. An inscribed marker placed at a grave; a tombstone.
    3. Something venerated for its enduring historic significance or association with a notable past person or thing: the architectural monuments of ancient Rome; traditions that are monuments to an earlier era.
      1. An outstanding enduring achievement: a translation that is a monument of scholarship.
      2. An exceptional example: “Thousands of them wrote texts, some of them monuments of dullness” (Robert L. Heilbroner).
    4. An object, such as a post or stone, fixed in the ground so as to mark a boundary or position.
    5. A written document, especially a legal one.

    [Middle English, from Latin monumentum, memorial, from monēre, to remind.]

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