The Correct spelling is: minimum

Common misspellings of the word minimum are:

How do you spell minimum?. It is not minumum

  • n., pl. -mums or -ma (-mÉ™).
      1. The least possible quantity or degree.
      2. The lowest degree or amount reached or recorded; the lower limit of variation.
    1. A lower limit permitted by law or other authority.
    2. A sum of money set by a nightclub or restaurant as the least amount each patron must spend on food and drink.
    3. Mathematics.
      1. The smallest number in a finite set of numbers.
      2. A value of a function that is less than any other value of the function over a specific interval.

    Of, consisting of, or representing the lowest possible amount or degree permissible or attainable.

    [Latin, from neuter of minimus, least.]

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