The Correct spelling is: metallic

Common misspellings of the word metallic are:

How do you spell metallic?. It is not metalic

  • adj.
    1. Of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a metal.
    2. Containing a metal: a metallic compound.
    3. Having a quality suggesting or associated with metal, especially:
      1. Lustrous; sparkling: metallic colors.
      2. Sharp-tasting: an unpleasant, metallic flavor.
    4. Harshly resonant: “the strange metallic note of the meadow lark, suggesting the clash of vibrant blades” (Ambrose Bierce).
    1. A yarn or fiber made of or containing metal.
    2. A fabric, typically shiny or iridescent, made of such yarn or fiber.
    metallically me·tal'li·cal·ly adv.

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