The Correct spelling is: menu

Common misspellings of the word menu are:

How do you spell menu?. It is not emnu or enu or men or meu or meun or mneu or even mnu for that matter!

  • n.
    1. A list of the dishes to be served or available for a meal.
    2. The dishes served or available at a meal.
    3. A list of available options, especially as displayed on a screen.

    [French, small, minute, menu, from Old French menut, small, from Latin minūtus, past participle of minuere, to diminish.]

    WORD HISTORY   An enormous menu might be considered an oxymoron if one were to restrict the word etymologically. Menu can be traced back to the Latin word minÅ«tus, meaning “small in size, amount, or degree” and also “possessing or involving minute knowledge.” Latin minÅ«tus became Old French menut and Modern French menu, “small, fine, trifling, minute.” The French adjective came to be used as a noun with the sense of “detail, details collectively,” and “detailed list.” As such, it was used in the phrase menu de repas, “list of items of a meal,” which was shortened to menu. This word was borrowed into English, being first recorded in 1837. The French word had been borrowed before, perhaps only briefly, as a shortening of the French phrase menu peuple, “the common people.” This usage, however, is recorded in only one text, in 1658.

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