The Correct spelling is: massage

Common misspellings of the word massage are:

How do you spell massage?. It is not

  • n.
    1. The rubbing or kneading of parts of the body especially to aid circulation, relax the muscles, or provide sensual stimulation.
    2. An act or instance of such rubbing or kneading.
    tr.v., -saged, -sag·ing, -sag·es.
    1. To give a massage to.
    2. To treat by means of a massage.
    3. To coddle or cajole.
    4. To manipulate (data, for example): Pollsters massaged the numbers to favor their candidate.

    [French, from masser, to massage, from Arabic masaḥa, to stroke, anoint or massa, to touch.]

    massager mas·sag'er n.

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