The Correct spelling is: madam

Common misspellings of the word madam are:

How do you spell madam?. It is not

  • n. (Abbr. Mdm.)
    1. pl. Mes·dames (mā-dăm', -däm'). Used formerly as a courtesy title before a woman's given name but now used only before a surname or title indicating rank or office: Madam Ambassador.
    2. Used as a salutation in a letter: Dear Madam or Sir.
    3. madam Used as a form of polite address for a woman: Right this way, madam.
    4. madam The mistress of a household.
    5. madam A woman who manages a brothel. See Usage Note at mistress.

    [Middle English madame, from Old French ma dame. See Madame.]

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