The Correct spelling is: knife

Common misspellings of the word knife are:

How do you spell knife?. It is not knive

  • n., pl. knives (nÄ«vz).
    1. A cutting instrument consisting of a sharp blade attached to a handle.
    2. A cutting edge; a blade.

    v., knifed, knif·ing, knifes.
    1. To use a knife on, especially to stab; wound with a knife.
    2. Informal. To betray or attempt to defeat by underhand means.

    To cut or slash a way through something with or as if with a knife: The boat knifed through the waves.


    under the knife Informal.

    1. Undergoing surgery.

    [Middle English knif, from Old English cnīf, from Old Norse knīfr.]

    knifer knif'er n.

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