How to spell grim in italian

In italian, the word grim can be spelled:

  • adj., grim·mer, grim·mest.
    1. Unrelenting; rigid.
    2. Uninviting or unnerving in aspect; forbidding: “undoubtedly the grimmest part of him was his iron claw” (J.M. Barrie).
    3. Ghastly; sinister: “He made a grim jest at the horrifying nature of his wound” (Reginald Pound). See synonyms at ghastly.
    4. Dismal; gloomy: a grim, rainy day.
    5. Ferocious; savage: the grim advance of the pillaging army.

    [Middle English, from Old English, fierce, severe.]

    grimly grim'ly adv.
    grimness grim'ness n.

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