The Correct spelling is: involvement

Common misspellings of the word involvement are:

How do you spell involvement?. It is not involvment

  • tr.v., -volved, -volv·ing, -volves.
    1. To contain as a part; include.
    2. To have as a necessary feature or consequence; entail: was told that the job would involve travel. See synonyms at include.
    3. To engage as a participant; embroil: involved the bystanders in his dispute with the police.
      1. To connect closely and often incriminatingly; implicate: evidence that involved the governor in the scandal.
      2. To influence or affect: The matter is serious because it involves your reputation.
    4. To occupy or engage the interest of: a story that completely involved me for the rest of the evening.
    5. To make complex or intricate; complicate.
    6. To wrap; envelop: a castle that was involved in mist.
    7. Archaic. To wind or coil about.

    [Middle English involven, from Latin involvere, to enwrap : in-, in; see in–2 + volvere, to roll, turn.]

    involvement in·volve'ment n.
    involver in·volv'er n.

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