The Correct spelling is: information

Common misspellings of the word information are:

How do you spell information?. It is not infomation or even informtion for that matter!

  • n.
    1. Knowledge derived from study, experience, or instruction.
    2. Knowledge of specific events or situations that has been gathered or received by communication; intelligence or news. See synonyms at knowledge.
    3. A collection of facts or data: statistical information.
    4. The act of informing or the condition of being informed; communication of knowledge: Safety instructions are provided for the information of our passengers.
    5. Computer Science. Processed, stored, or transmitted data.
    6. A numerical measure of the uncertainty of an experimental outcome.
    7. Law. A formal accusation of a crime made by a public officer rather than by grand jury indictment.
    informational in'for·ma'tion·al adj.

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