The Correct spelling is: fiery

Common misspellings of the word fiery are:

How do you spell fiery?. It is not feiry or fery or fier or fiey or fieyr or firey or firy or iery or even ifery for that matter!

  • adj., -i·er, -i·est.
      1. Consisting of or containing fire.
      2. Burning or glowing.
      3. Using or effected with fire.
      4. Easily ignited; flammable.
    1. Having the color of fire; brightly red: fiery hair; a fiery sunset.
      1. Torridly hot.
      2. Feverishly hot and flushed: fiery cheeks.
      3. Being in an inflamed, usually painful condition: a fiery boil.
      1. Easily excited or emotionally volatile; tempestuous: a fiery temper.
      2. Charged with emotion; spirited: a fiery denunciation.

    [Middle English firi, from fir, fire. See fire.]

    fierily fier'i·ly adv.
    fieriness fier'i·ness n.
    fiery fier'y adv.

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