The Correct spelling is: fountain

Common misspellings of the word fountain are:

How do you spell fountain?. It is not

  • n.
      1. An artificially created jet or stream of water.
      2. A structure, often decorative, from which a jet or stream of water issues.
    1. A spring, especially the source of a stream.
    2. A reservoir or chamber containing a supply of liquid that can be siphoned off as needed.
    3. A soda fountain.
    4. A drinking fountain.
    5. A point of origin or dissemination; a source: the library, a fountain of information.
    intr. & tr.v., -tained, -tain·ing, -tains.

    To flow or cause to flow like a fountain.

    [Middle English, from Old French fontaine, from Late Latin fontāna, from Latin, feminine of fontānus, of a spring, from fōns, font-, spring.]

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