The Correct spelling is: fierce

Common misspellings of the word fierce are:

How do you spell fierce?. It is not

  • adj., fierc·er, fierc·est.
    1. Having a savage and violent nature; ferocious. See synonyms at cruel.
    2. Extremely severe or violent; terrible: “the fierce thunders roar me their music” (Ezra Pound).
    3. Extremely intense or ardent: fierce loyalty. See synonyms at intense.
    4. Strenuously active or resolute: a fierce attempt to escape.
    5. Informal. Very difficult or unpleasant: a fierce exam.
    6. Savage or threatening in appearance.

    [Middle English fiers, from Old French, from Latin ferus.]

    fiercely fierce'ly adv.
    fierceness fierce'ness n.

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