The Correct spelling is: february

Common misspellings of the word february are:

How do you spell february?. It is not februrary or febuary or even feburary for that matter!

  • n., pl. -ies. (Abbr. Feb.)

    The second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

    [Middle English Februarie, from Latin Februārius (mēnsis), (month) of purification, from februa, expiatory offerings, possibly of Sabine origin.]

    USAGE NOTE   Although the variant pronunciation (fÄ•b'yÅ«-Ä•r'Ä“) is often censured because it doesn't reflect the spelling of the word, it is quite common in educated speech and is generally considered acceptable. The loss of the first r in this pronunciation can be accounted for by the phonological process known as dissimilation, by which similar sounds in a word tend to become less similar. In the case of February, the loss of the first r is also owing to the influence of January, which has only one r.

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