The Correct spelling is: faculty

Common misspellings of the word faculty are:

How do you spell faculty?. It is not

  • n., pl. -ties.
    1. An inherent power or ability.
    2. Any of the powers or capacities possessed by the human mind. See synonyms at ability.
    3. The ability to perform or act.
      1. Any of the divisions or comprehensive branches of learning at a college or university: the faculty of law.
      2. The teachers and instructors within such a division.
      3. A body of teachers.
    4. All of the members of a learned profession: the medical faculty.
    5. Authorization granted by authority; conferred power.
    6. Archaic. An occupation; a trade.

    [Middle English faculte, from Old French, from Latin facultās, power, ability, from facilis, easy.]

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