The Correct spelling is: extravagant

Common misspellings of the word extravagant are:

How do you spell extravagant?. It is not extravagent

  • adj.
    1. Given to lavish or imprudent expenditure: extravagant members of the imperial court.
    2. Exceeding reasonable bounds: extravagant demands. See synonyms at excessive.
    3. Extremely abundant; profuse: extravagant vegetation.
    4. Unreasonably high; exorbitant: extravagant fees.
    5. Archaic. Straying beyond limits or bounds; wandering.

    [Middle English, unusual, rambling, from Old French, from Medieval Latin extrāvagāns, extrāvagant-, present participle of extrāvagārī, to wander : Latin extrā, outside; see extra– + Latin vagārī, to wander.]

    extravagantly ex·trav'a·gant·ly adv.

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