The Correct spelling is: equipment

Common misspellings of the word equipment are:

How do you spell equipment?. It is not eqipment or eqiupment or equiment or equimpent or equipemnt or equipent or equipmen or equipmet or equipmetn or equipmnet or equipmnt or equippment or equiptment or equpiment or equpment or euipment or euqipment or qeuipment or even quipment for that matter!

  • n.
    1. The act of equipping or the state of being equipped.
    2. Something with which a person, an organization, or a thing is equipped.
    3. The rolling stock especially of a transportation system.
    4. The qualities or traits that make up the mental and emotional resources of an individual.

    SYNONYMS  equipment, apparatus, gear, materiel, outfit, paraphernalia. These nouns denote the materials needed for a purpose such as a task or a journey: hiking equipment; laboratory apparatus; skiing gear; naval materiel; an explorer's outfit; a beekeeper's paraphernalia.

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