The Correct spelling is: envelope

Common misspellings of the word envelope are:

How do you spell envelope?. It is not

  • n.
    1. A flat paper container, especially for a letter, usually having a gummed flap.
    2. Something that envelops; a wrapping.
    3. Biology. An enclosing structure or cover, such as a membrane or the outer coat of a virus.
    4. The bag containing the gas in a balloon or airship.
    5. The set of limitations within which a technological system, especially an aircraft, can perform safely and effectively.
    6. The coma of a comet.
    7. Mathematics. A curve or surface that is tangent to every one of a family of curves or surfaces.

    push the envelope

    1. To increase the operating capabilities of a technological system.
    2. To exceed the existing limits in a certain field; be innovative.

    [French enveloppe, from envelopper, to envelop, from Old French envoloper. See envelop.]

    USAGE NOTE   The word envelope was borrowed into English from French during the early 18th century, and the first syllable acquired the pronunciation (ŏn) as an approximation to the nasalized French pronunciation. Gradually the word has become anglicized further and is now most commonly pronounced (Ä•n'vÉ™-lōp'). The earlier pronunciation is still considered acceptable, however. A recent survey reveals that the (ŏn'-) pronunciation for the word envelope is used by 30 percent of the Usage Panel and is recognized as an acceptable variant by about 20 percent of those Panelists who normally use the (Ä•n'-) pronunciation. Other similar words borrowed from French in the modern period include envoy (17th century), encore, ennui, ensemble, entree (18th century), entourage, and entrepreneur (19th century). Most retain their pseudo-French pronunciations, with the exception of envoy, which, like envelope, is mainly pronounced with (Ä•n) now.

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