The Correct spelling is: dishes

Common misspellings of the word dishes are:

How do you spell dishes?. It is not

  • n.
      1. An open, generally shallow concave container for holding, cooking, or serving food.
      2. dishes The containers and often the utensils used when eating: took out the dishes and silverware; washed the dishes.
      3. A shallow concave container used for purposes other than eating: an evaporating dish.
    1. The amount that a dish can hold.
      1. The food served or contained in a dish: a dish of ice cream.
      2. A particular variety or preparation of food: Sushi is a Japanese dish.
      1. A depression similar to that in a shallow concave container for food.
      2. The degree of concavity in such a depression.
    2. Electronics. A dish antenna.
    3. Slang. A good-looking person, especially an attractive woman.
    4. Informal. Idle talk; gossip: “plenty of dish about her tattoos, her plastic surgeries, and her ever-younger inamorati” (Louise Kennedy).

    v., dished, dish·ing, dish·es.
    1. To serve (food) in or as if in a dish: dished up the stew.
    2. To present: dished up an excellent entertainment.
    3. To hollow out; make concave.
    4. Informal. To gossip about.
    5. Chiefly British Slang. To ruin, foil, or defeat.
    v.intr. Informal.

    To talk idly, especially to gossip.

    phrasal verb:

    dish out

    1. To dispense freely: likes to dish out advice.


    dish it out Slang.

    1. To deal out criticism or abuse.

    [Middle English, from Old English disc, from Latin discus. See disk.]

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