The Correct spelling is: die

Common misspellings of the word die are:

How do you spell die?. It is not

  • intr.v., died, dy·ing (dÄ«'Ä­ng), dies.
    1. To cease living; become dead; expire.
    2. To cease existing, especially by degrees; fade: The sunlight died in the west.
    3. To experience an agony or suffering suggestive of that of death: nearly died of embarrassment.
    4. Informal. To desire something greatly: I am dying for a box of chocolates. She was dying to see the exhibit.
      1. To cease operation; stop: If your vehicle dies, stay with it.
      2. To be destroyed, as in combat: could see the remains of two aircraft that had died in the attack.
    5. To become indifferent: had died to all worldly concerns.
    phrasal verbs:

    die back Botany.

    1. To be affected by dieback.
    die down
    1. To lose strength; subside: The winds died down.
    die off
    1. To undergo a sudden, sharp decline in population: Rabbits were dying off in that county.
    die out
    1. To cease living completely; become extinct: tribes and tribal customs that died out centuries ago.


    die hard

    1. To take a long time in passing out of existence: racial prejudices that die hard.
    2. To resist against overwhelming, hopeless odds: radicalism that dies hard.
    die on the vine
    1. To fail, as from lack of support, especially at an early stage: a plan that died on the vine.
    to die for Informal.
    1. Remarkable or highly desirable.

    [Middle English dien, probably from Old Norse deyja.]

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