The Correct spelling is: decision

Common misspellings of the word decision are:

How do you spell decision?. It is not decison or even descision for that matter!

  • n.
    1. The passing of judgment on an issue under consideration.
    2. The act of reaching a conclusion or making up one's mind.
    3. A conclusion or judgment reached or pronounced; a verdict.
    4. Firmness of character or action; determination.
    5. Sports. A victory won on points in boxing when no knockout has occurred or in wrestling when no fall has occurred.
    6. Baseball. A win or loss accorded to a pitcher: has four wins in six decisions.
    tr.v. Sports., -sioned, -sion·ing, -sions.

    To defeat by a decision, as in boxing: decisioned his opponent in the third round.

    [Middle English decisioun, from Old French decision, from Latin dēcīsiō, dēcīsiōn-, curtailment, settlement, from dēcīsus, past participle of dēcīdere, to cut off, decide. See decide.]

    decisional de·ci'sion·al adj.

    SYNONYMS  decision, conclusion, determination. These nouns denote a position, opinion, or judgment reached after consideration: a decision unfavorable to the opposition; came to the conclusion not to proceed; satisfied with the panel's determination.

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