The Correct spelling is: cumulative

Common misspellings of the word cumulative are:

How do you spell cumulative?. It is not cmulative or cmuulative or cumlative or cumluative or cumualtive or cumuative or cumulaitve or cumulaive or cumulatative or cumulatie or cumulatiev or cumulativ or cumulatve or cumulatvie or cumultaive or cumultive or cuulative or cuumlative or ucmulative or even umulative for that matter!

  • adj.
    1. Increasing or enlarging by successive addition.
    2. Acquired by or resulting from accumulation.
    3. Of or relating to interest or a dividend that is added to the next payment if not paid when due.
    4. Law.
      1. Supporting the same point as earlier evidence: cumulative evidence.
      2. Imposed with greater severity upon a repeat offender: cumulative punishment.
      3. Following successively; consecutive: cumulative sentences.
    5. Statistics.
      1. Of or relating to the sum of the frequencies of experimentally determined values of a random variable that are less than or equal to a specified value.
      2. Of or relating to experimental error that increases in magnitude with each successive measurement.
    cumulatively cu'mu·la'tive·ly adv.
    cumulativeness cu'mu·la'tive·ness n.

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