The Correct spelling is: crowd

Common misspellings of the word crowd are:

How do you spell crowd?. It is not

  • n.
    1. A large number of persons gathered together; a throng.
    2. The common people; the populace.
    3. A group of people united by a common characteristic, as age, interest, or vocation: the over-30 crowd.
    4. A group of people attending a public function; an audience: The play drew a small but appreciative crowd.
    5. A large number of things positioned or considered together.

    v., crowd·ed, crowd·ing, crowds.

    1. To congregate in a restricted area; throng: The children crowded around the TV.
    2. To advance by pressing or shoving: A bevy of reporters crowded toward the candidate.
    1. To force by or as if by pressing or shoving: Police crowded the spectators back to the viewing stand. Urban sprawl crowded the farmers out of the valley.
    2. To draw or stand near to: The batter crowded the plate.
    3. To press, cram, or force tightly together: crowded the clothes into the closet.
    4. To fill or occupy to overflowing: Books crowded the shelves.
    5. Informal. To put pressure on, as to pay a debt.

    crowd (on) sail Nautical.

    1. To spread a large amount of sail to increase speed.

    [From Middle English crowden, to crowd, press, from Old English crūdan, to hasten, press.]

    crowder crowd'er n.

    SYNONYMS  crowd, crush, flock, horde, mob, press, throng. These nouns denote a large group of people gathered close to one another: a crowd of well-wishers; a crush of autograph seekers; a flock of schoolchildren; a horde of demonstrators; a mob of hard-rock enthusiasts; a press of shoppers; throngs of tourists.

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