The Correct spelling is: colonel

Common misspellings of the word colonel are:

How do you spell colonel?. It is not clonel or cloonel or colnel or colnoel or coloel or coloenl or colone or colonl or colonle or coolnel or coonel or oclonel or even olonel for that matter!

  • n.
      1. (Abbr. COL or Col or Col.) A commissioned rank in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps that is above lieutenant colonel and below brigadier general.
      2. One who holds this rank or a similar rank in another military organization.
    1. An honorary nonmilitary title awarded by some states of the United States.

    [Alteration of obsolete coronel, from French, from Old Italian colonello, from diminutive of colonna, column of soldiers, from Latin columna, column.]

    colonelcy colo'nel·cy or colo'nel·ship' n.

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