The Correct spelling is: choir

Common misspellings of the word choir are:

How do you spell choir?. It is not

  • n.
    1. An organized company of singers, especially one performing church music or singing in a church.
      1. The part of a church used by such a company of singers.
      2. The part of the chancel in a cruciform church that is occupied by this company of singers.
      1. A group of instruments of the same kind: a string choir.
      2. A division of some pipe organs, containing pipes suitable for accompanying a choir.
    2. An organized group: a choir of dancers.
    3. One of the orders of angels.
    intr.v., choired, choir·ing, choirs.

    To sing in chorus.

    [Middle English quer, quire, from Old French cuer, from Medieval Latin chorus, from Latin, choral dance. See chorus.]

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