The Correct spelling is: chimney

Common misspellings of the word chimney are:

How do you spell chimney?. It is not

  • n., pl. -neys.
      1. A passage through which smoke and gases escape from a fire or furnace; a flue.
      2. The usually vertical structure containing a chimney.
      3. The part of such a structure that rises above a roof.
    1. Chiefly British. A smokestack, as of a ship or locomotive.
    2. A glass tube for enclosing the flame of a lamp.
    3. Something, such as a narrow cleft in a cliff, resembling a chimney.

    [Middle English chimenei, from Old French cheminee, from Late Latin camīnāta, fireplace, from Latin camīnus, furnace, from Greek kamīnos.]

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