The Correct spelling is: breath

Common misspellings of the word breath are:

How do you spell breath?. It is not

  • n.
    1. The air inhaled and exhaled in respiration.
    2. The act or process of breathing; respiration.
    3. The capacity to breathe, especially in a natural and unlabored manner: shortness of breath.
    4. Spirit or vitality; life.
    5. A single respiration: a deep breath.
    6. Exhaled air, as evidenced by vapor, odor, or heat.
    7. A momentary pause or rest.
      1. A momentary stirring of air.
      2. A slight gust of fragrant air.
    8. A trace or suggestion: a breath of scandal.
    9. A softly spoken sound; a whisper.
    10. Linguistics. Exhalation of air without vibration of the vocal cords, as in the articulation of p and s.

    in one (or the same) breath

    1. At or almost at the same time.
    out of breath
    1. Breathing with difficulty, as from exertion; gasping.
    under (one's) breath
    1. In a muted voice or whisper.

    [Middle English breth, from Old English brǣth.]

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