The Correct spelling is: benefit

Common misspellings of the word benefit are:

How do you spell benefit?. It is not benifit

  • n.
      1. Something that promotes or enhances well-being; an advantage: The field trip was of great benefit to the students.
      2. Help; aid.
    1. A payment made or an entitlement available in accordance with a wage agreement, an insurance policy, or a public assistance program.
    2. A public entertainment, performance, or social event held to raise funds for a person or cause.
    3. Archaic. A kindly deed.

    v., -fit·ed also -fit·ted, -fit·ing -fit·ting, -fits -fits.

    To be helpful or useful to.


    To derive benefit: You will benefit from her good example.


    benefit of the doubt

    1. A favorable judgment granted in the absence of full evidence.

    [Middle English, from Old French bienfait, good deed, from Latin benefactum, from benefacere, to do a service. See benefaction.]

    SYNONYMS  benefit, capitalize, profit. These verbs mean to derive advantage from something: benefited from the stock split; capitalized on her adversary's blunder; profiting from experience.

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