The Correct spelling is: amount

Common misspellings of the word amount are:

How do you spell amount?. It is not ammount

  • n.
    1. The total of two or more quantities; the aggregate.
    2. A number; a sum.
    3. A principal plus its interest, as in a loan.
    4. The full effect or meaning; import.
    5. Quantity: a great amount of intelligence.
    intr.v., a·mount·ed, a·mount·ing, a·mounts.
    1. To add up in number or quantity: The purchases amounted to 50 dollars.
    2. To add up in import or effect: That plan will never amount to anything.
    3. To be equivalent or tantamount: accusations that amount to an indictment.

    [From Middle English amounten, to ascend, from Old French amonter, from amont, upward, from Latin ad montem, to the hill : ad, to + mōns, mont-, hill.]

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