The Correct spelling is: ambidextrous

Common misspellings of the word ambidextrous are:

How do you spell ambidextrous?. It is not abidextrous or abmidextrous or ambdextrous or ambdiextrous or ambidetrous or ambidetxrous or ambidexrous or ambidexrtous or ambidextorus or ambidextous or ambidextros or ambidextrosu or ambidextrou or ambidextruos or ambidextrus or ambidxetrous or ambidxtrous or ambiedxtrous or ambiextrous or amibdextrous or amidextrous or mabidextrous or even mbidextrous for that matter!

  • adj.
    1. Able to use both hands with equal facility.
    2. Unusually skillful; adroit.
    3. Deceptive or hypocritical.

    [Alteration of archaic ambidexter, from Middle English, double dealer, from Medieval Latin : Latin ambi-, on both sides; see ambi– + Latin dexter, right-handed.]

    ambidextrously am'bi·dex'trous·ly adv.

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